Ever since the last update to Piwik 2.1.1-b1, my evolution graphs are blank/flat

Pageviews and tracking are working fine, but the overview page (evolution column only) is now flat/blank since Piwik 2.1.1-b1.

[attachment 1627 ScreenShot2014-03-10at11.20.20AM.png]

I do have the same problem, since the update to 2.1.1-b1.

[attachment 1641 2014-03-1313_35_01PiwikWebAnalyticsReports.jpg]

Subsequent updates (now on 2.1.1-b3) haven’t remedied the issue.

Thanks for the report! I created a ticket at regression: sparklines not showing data on All Websites dashboard · Issue #4853 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub