Event tracking on Iphone doesn't work

Hi all,

i have some problems with event tracking.
Events tracking doesnt work on IPhone6. I can’t see Events on piwik tool.

When I am working on desktop (I check with development tool; Safari) it works. I can track all events, see all visitors.

The events are actually will be sent, but don’t arrived in Piwik tool.

May be you can give me some Tipps or can help me.
Thank you


I can’t think of a reason, without further debugging:

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@Lukas thanks for your fast answer. I will check it now.

Another quick note:

  • check if really the event-sending part is the issue.
    • e.g by replacing _paq.push(['trackEvent', 'Documentary', 'Play', 'Thrive']); (or however that line is looking for you) with an alert()
    • maybe that code never get’s executed on the iPhone
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One possible thing to double check is that Safari isn’t blocking trackers. There is a preference under Settings -> Safari that has Ask websites not to track me or Do Not Track. Make sure these are disabled.

Optionally, you could be using a 3rd party Ad blocker.

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