Event streams from Matomo

Looking for community guidance on options related to publication of event streams from Matomo-captured analytics. Curious to understand of anything built-in, as opposed to going directly to database with some change-data-capture or occasional polling/query method.


Hi @Cam_Ough
Can you explain more precisely your goal… I am sorry, I don’t understand it now… :thinking:

User analytics events are generally pretty critical component of intelligent models to determine user behavior and inform in realtime to support use cases or to provide guided ‘nudges’ directly to the user. Feeding the raw events into a knowledge graph or machine learning ecosystem so that can be leveraged in near real-time is common expectation to enable.

Either the core application supports an event-hook or publication model to publish these in realtime, or a backend change-data-capture (CDC) capability needs to be wired to the underlying persistence engine.

My question is whether the community has experience in surfacing these kind of business events in a scalable, conformed manner for similar use cases.

Hi @Cam_Ough
Matomo is currently not capable of doing actions after receiving an event (in its core engine). Events must be see as user action, instead of application event (with event listener and so on…).
Event the Custom Alerts plugin cannot do this (email are sent only once a day if I am not wrong)
But, I think it is possible to develop a plugin for such behavior…