European Cookie Compliance - php backend stuff? re. v3.4.0


With this European law coming in to effect in the near future, I need to know that the new features of 3.4.0 won’t break existing things.

Firstly, we operate in Australia, so based on this document, it’s not going to apply for us.

Secondly, we are running the stats through service-side php calls. So, when I read about opt-out clauses, or iframes and such, I get a little concerned about upgrading to the latest version, as it’s run on pages that produce XML code and specifically formatted text that will break if any errors or unexpected parsing exists, or html inserted code etc may show up.

Can you clarify what these changes will actually do, or is it just for the JS versions where these things are applied to?

Many thanks.


the currently available update (3.4.0) does not break anything. If the coming updates will change things for the PHP tracker, I cannot answer but most changes will be focused on the JS tracker I think.

Please see this thread to get an overview about what will change:

P.S. If you have customers from Europe, the law should also apply to you I think.

I agree with @fdellwing: The update (and any further update) don’t break anything, but you’ll probably still need to think of any way on how a user can opt out of the tracking (in which case you simply don’t send anything in PHP).