Errors after 2.10.0 update

Hi all,
Just ran the manual update of piwik to 2.10.0 and getting the following error when going to visitor log:
Key “filterEcommerce” for array with keys “viewDataTable, totalRows, smallWidth, pageUrlNotDefined, date, module, action, idSite, period, filter_offset, filter_limit, filter_sort_column, filter_sort_order” does not exist in “@Live/_actionsList.twig” at line 15

any clue what happened during the update that would cause this?


Hi there,

can you try re-upload all files from 2.10.0 ? it looks like some files were not uploaded correctly. You may see a warning in the System Check as well ?

I had the same issue. Matt’s answer helped me solve it.

Even though there was no size difference, I reuploaded two files in /piwik/plugins/Live/templates/
[li] _actionsList.twig
[/li][li] _dataTableViz_visitorLog.twig

It worked again afterwards.

I did an automatic update. And I got a similar error in the visitor log. It does not show but an error message instead of it:

Key "plugins" for array with keys "idSite, idVisit, visitIp, visitorId, actionDetails, goalConversions, siteCurrency, siteCurrencySymbol, serverDate, visitServerHour, lastActionTimestamp, lastActionDateTime, userId, visitorType, visitorTypeIcon, visitConverted, visitConvertedIcon, visitCount, firstActionTimestamp, visitEcommerceStatus, visitEcommerceStatusIcon, daysSinceFirstVisit, daysSinceLastEcommerceOrder, visitDuration, visitDurationPretty, searches, actions, referrerType, referrerTypeName, referrerName, referrerKeyword, referrerKeywordPosition, referrerUrl, referrerSearchEngineUrl, referrerSearchEngineIcon, deviceType, operatingSystem, operatingSystemCode, operatingSystemIcon, browserFamily, browserFamilyDescription, browser, browserName, browserIcon, browserCode, browserVersion, events, continent, continentCode, country, countryCode, countryFlag, region, regionCode, city, location, latitude, longitude, visitLocalTime, visitLocalHour, daysSinceLastVisit, provider, providerName, providerUrl, customVariables, serverTimestamp, serverTimePretty, serverDatePretty, serverDatePrettyFirstAction, serverTimePrettyFirstAction" does not exist in "@Live/getLastVisitsStart.twig" at line 12

Should I upload the piwik files manually again, too?


Hi there,

to enjoy the fix please use our latest 2.11.0 beta:
or see: I would like to test early beta and RC releases, how do I enable automatic updates to use these development versions? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I also experienced errors after the 2.10.0 upgrade:

  • The Visitor Log was displaying raw data in tabular format
  • None of the graphing functionality, etc to manipulate the Visitor Log worked

Matt’s instructions above (to upgrade to the latest Beta) worked! I used the automatic update feature to fix the issue.

BTW, this fix also properly propagated to each of my replicas via mysql replication as well.

Thank you Matt

Great job on Piwik!

Great to hear!