Error : Wrong password and username


That’s it.
All cookies were deleted and now my Piwik just won’t let me login.

So it seems there was a problem when Piwik moved the super administrator infos into the database.

If i try the link to get a new password, all that Piwik send me is… my own IP address !
Wich, evidently, doesn’t work to log in.

This is serious.
I think i remember another user posting about this on this forum but i wasn’t able to retreive his topic.

If the devs can’t help, i’ll have no others solution than doing a new intall again.
But maybe it is the solution.
Maybe i just have to delete and reupload all files, fill in all data, and Piwik will find the old stats and all.
What a pain.

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Deleting your browser cookies shouldn’t have this effect.

The superuser password is md5 hashed in config.ini.php. You can manually regenerate that using md5sum (or equivalent tool).

If you’re not receiving the reset password link in your email, the translation may need to be updated.


Yeah, it shouldn’t have done this.
In the past my cookies got deleted a few times and i had no problem.

I’ve use a small free software called HashCalc.
I gave it my old password and it gave me an MD5.
I’ve commented the line of my current password in the config.ini and created a new line for the password giving it the MD5 from HashCalc.
I sent the modifed file to the server.
After that, i could log in to my Piwik.

I will see if i can change the pass in the Piwik UI or else i’ll make a new pass and a new MD5 for it.

Sorry for the confusion, i though i had read on the changelog that thoses informations had been move to the DB.

EDIT : Changing it in the UI seems to have worked. And now i think i know why i got that problem in the first place; i need to do a backup of that config file before needed to to some change on it…