Error with reports after upgrading to 1.8.4

Ever since I upgraded to 1.8.4 a lot of my reports were wrong, it came up as if I didn’t have any visitors even though I knew I’d had them since they had appeared before the upgrade.

I’ve managed to get some of them back by deleting my piwik_archive_* and piwik_archive_blob_* for this month, but several websites are still missing. I’ll see what happens after it runs the archive script a few more times, it runs every half an hour on my setup. They might come back.

As for installing the update, I ran the MySQL update via SSH so their wasn’t any timeout issues that I know of, is there a way to run that again if that could be the issue?

Thanks for any help!

Are the reports all wrong? what do you mean by wrong, are they incomplete or showing “no data” ?

are the “Visitor Log” working correctly?

we’d like to know more, as of now there is no related known bug. Thanks

Hi Matt,

Sorry, I wasn’t descriptive enough. They aren’t populated, everything was empty. It was reporting as having zero visits for everything. After I deleted the archive tables as I said above I got some back, I’ve deleted them again and I’m leaving it for a hour or so before I run the archive.php again.

I’ll update you in 15 minutes or so.

Alright, it still isn’t generating reports. Luckily I haven’t deleted visitor logs, I just need a way to force it to remake this months reports for all my websites. Is that possible?

Yes see: How to - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Do you think it would be better doing it through the API or through changing my config and waiting for it to generate through the UI?

API is the solution I would recommend as it’s easier.

Alright, I’ll try that.

If I use this method:

Is there a way to just specify a month? Like just 2012-09,2012-09. Or will that not work?

Thanks again for your help.

Sorry, in your case since you wish to re-process everything it would be better to do the other technique and chagne the config file, or delete all piwik_archive_ tables (if you still have the Piwik logs to re-process this data).

The API solution requires to list each date in the &dates= parameter so it would be impractical for so many days.

I think it repopulated itself eventually, through the cronjob. I’ll check again later but it looks like the issue eventually just fixed itself.