While applying an autoupdate today, my piwik installation is not working anymore.
The update process is stuck with this error :


Entry Piwik\Plugins\CoreUpdater\Controller cannot be resolved: Entry Piwik\Plugins\CoreUpdater\Updater cannot be resolved: The parameter ‘tmpPath’ of Piwik\Plugins\CoreUpdater\Updater::__construct has no value defined or guessableFull definition:Object ( class = Piwik\Plugins\CoreUpdater\Updater scope = singleton lazy = false __construct( $translator = get(Piwik\Translation\Translator) $tmpPath = #UNDEFINED# ))Full definition:Object ( class = Piwik\Plugins\CoreUpdater\Controller scope = singleton lazy = false __construct( $updater = get(Piwik\Plugins\CoreUpdater\Updater) ))

I searched the documentation, the faq, and google with no result.
I tryied a manual update, and it still fails with the same error.
I’m trying to avoid a clean install because I don’t want to loose my configuration, and user info…
Any ideas ?
Does anyone know what could be going on

I really appreciate any help on this issue.



can you try to manually upgrade to this version:

Hello Matt,
Thanks for your answer.
Well, I did a manual backup with the version of piwik you send. But I’m still having the same error message.
Also, I installed piwik locally in my development computer, and I’m still having the same error when I reproduce the update (same mysql data, same files in piwik folder as in my production server).
I can’t find the piwik version I had before the update, but I think the last time I did a backup it was a long time ago.
I think the error is generated by piwik itself, as in the php error log there is no file/line indication as it does in general.

Any idea ?

If I don’t find a solution soon, I’ll have to do a clean install, because it’s been too long without logging user activity on my website.
In this case, should I be worried about loosing data ? Or the new piwik install will recognise everything that was there before ?



Hi Lr,

that’s strange… you can download the releases from:

yes, Piwik will let you reuse the data if you specify same mysql DB + prefix

hopefully you get piwik working again soon!

Hi Matt,
Thank you for your answer.
I’m doing a new install then.
I’ll try to have a deeper look on my development machine, and if I find something useful I’ll let you know.

thanks again, and thanks for this great software,