Error while connecting to:

(Pharmastudien) #1

since a few days I got this error message: Error while connecting to: I installed everything new at but I still get this message.
What did I wrong?
Thank you

(vipsoft) #2

Should be fixed in 0.4.4… we changed the update check in 0.4.3, but didn’t consider users with the socket extension disabled.

(MrFreePress) #3

Just ran into same error on my system.
When is 0.4.4 estimated for release?

(jamesl) #4

I’ve seen this error on and off for a few weeks. I’ve seen it more times than I’ve been able to use Piwik… hopefully this is just bad luck, or a misconfiguration on my end somewhere, but still it’s very frustrating as it stops piwik being used.

Do I have to upgrade to an as yet unreleased version to be able to use Piwik at all? I have been able to use piwik, and shouldn’t have any outbound http restrictions on this server.



(vipsoft) #5

Sorry, it was our expectation that 0.4.4 would be released in the last week of September. However, some critical bugs surfaced and the release was postponed.

In the interim, please comment out this line in core/FrontController.php:

//                        Piwik_PostEvent('FrontController.checkForUpdates');

(vipsoft) #6

Heads up. Piwik 0.4.4 just released.