Error when viewing Tracking code

I get the following error after an update to current Beta build:

The following error just broke Matomo (v3.12.0-b1):

Variable “siteNameDecoded” does not exist.
in /home/thehostingguy/ line 26

I’ve disabled all of my plugins, but did not far as far as uninstalling yet to save the data.

Hi @Jacob_Bowen it seems like the one-click update didn’t successfully update every file. Can you try running the manual 3-step upgrade described here: Update Piwik User Guide - Analytics Platform - Matomo ?

I’ve done this, but the same error occurs.

Can you make sure the contents of the /path/to/matomo/core/Plugin/Controller.php is the same as (if not update the file), then run the command php /path/to/matomo/console cache:clear and see if it helps?

files looked to have been the same, copied over the mentioned
file to be sure. Ran the cache clear, still same issue.

Turns out our tests caught this issue, I was able to find the cause and fixed it in this pull request: Admin controllers do not call setGeneralVariablesView, so we have to … by diosmosis · Pull Request #14779 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub (patch: )

Can you apply those changes and see if it works for you? Thanks for the bug report!

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Looks like thats solved it!