Error when clearing "Become a Matomo expert"


I am currently working on setting up a load-balanced instance of Matomo. Everything in the System Check says I am good to go, and I can see that I am hitting both Front-end servers as expected when navigating. My Dev instance has a website connected to it and tracking data is making its way to the instance.

Everything seems to be fine except for the “Become a Matomo export” widget. I was clicking through and clicked the marked out eye to skip the step and I get this error.

I turned on logging for my instances and I didn’t see anything being output to the Matomo logs that would indicate an error. Looking at the Apache access logs when this call is made it returns a status code of 200 and there are no errors in Apache error logs. When I checked the dev console in Edge I saw that I get an “Uncaught (in promise)” error after the below

Warning: the module=API&method=Tour.skipChallenge&id=flatten_actions&idSite=1&period=day request failed!

This is happening in both Dev and Production instances. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this error?