Error upgrading - undefined method Piwik_Config::setConfigOption()

I am trying to upgrade from 0.5.4 to the latest version, and i am getting an error when i run the upgrade script:
“Call to undefined method Piwik_Config::setConfigOption()”.

It mentions the version 0.6.3, so it must have upgraded to that before it failed.
I tried the latest beta (1.9.3-b7), but it still happens on that.

I was also getting some other DB related errors before that, including this one, but they went away when i started getting this error.

The full stack trace is available at: Piwik update error -

There has probably been several major database changes since that version…

if the back trace doesnt help maybe an admin can recommend a staged update whereby key versions in stages are used to upgrade. saving that if you can live with it the historical data maybe a start from scratch is an option…

Yes, i imagine there was quite a few major upgrades since 0.5.4.

I had hoped that Piwik could incrementally upgrade from really old versions, but i guess i could always try doing that myself by upgrading to a few older versions instead of going straight to the latest.

Ok, i have successfully upgraded to 1.9 by going through a number of different versions.