Error "Too many connections" in log viewer / Server CPU on 100 % for days


I created a some new custom reports and for having the historical data in these reports I invalidate the historical reports as described at

I did this about two days ago. Since that the cpu load is on 100 %.

I also recognized that I have often db connection errors in the log viewer, like this:

Exception: /opt/bitnami/apps/matomo/htdocs/core/Tracker.php(241): Connect failed: Too many connections [Query: ?action_name=%2Fjobs&idsite=6&rec=1&r=495585&h=17&m=44&s=9&, CLI mode: 0]

I seems that the system is still running to re-create the data for segments, custom reports etc. There are a lot of archived-stuff-entries in the log.

Is it normal that this takes so much time?

Do you have any tipps how to improve and solve this?

Thanks for some help!

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The load is still on 100 %.

I deleted some segments and custom reports to reduce the data that has to be prepared/processed.

For now I don’t have the “too many connections” error anymore.

But when I look at a custom report for the past (for example 10/2022) there is no data.

In the log viewer there are continually entries like this:

initiating archiving via core:archive for [idSite = 6, period = day 2022-12-07,2022-12-07, segment = campaignSource==google;campaignMedium==cpc, plugin = CustomReports, report = 37]

How can I see the status of this, mean when this all will be finished?

Do I have to wait until all entries in matomo_archive_invalidations are handled? Currently there are 135.284 entries in the table…

Hi @iparker
For the “Too many connection” error while tracking, I would suggest, maybe, to use the Queued Tracking. It could reduce the number of connections at the same time:

I think this depend on the number of hits per day, of segments, of reports… and number of periods to proceed :wink:
In the log, you may get the average delay used to generate a report…