Error on calendar: repeated date

Hi, we have been using Piwik on our site for 40 days aprox., with very good results.

Today we realized that an error on the calendar had occured: a date is repeated on the calendar (attached is an image of the error).

Friday 9 - October
Saturday 10 - October
Sunday 10 - October
Monday 11 - October
Tuesday 12 - October

We’ll appreciate your comments about this, can we do anything to fix this?

Thanks and best regards.

Sorry, we don’t have a workaround/fix for this bug in the jQuery calendar plugin. I’m not seeing the problem here, but FYI, the dates are generated on the client, so you might want to see if there’s a desktop OS update that you need to apply.

Hello, on Saturday 10 midnight (the date where the error aparently happended), on my country we adjusted forward one hour our clocks for Daylight saving time (DST) reasons.

Do you think that this error could be related with this?

Anyway, we checked the database and the actual visit_server_date fields display the right date (today’s date).