Error message after the installation

(fate) #1


I have a probleme after the installation of piwik. During the installaion, no probleme with data base or anything else. But after the installation finished, when I try to log in, I have many messages on the page .

Capture-Piwik › Login - Mozilla Firefox.png

Capture-Piwik › Login - Mozilla Firefox-1.png

But at the end of the page I can log in. And after log in I have nothing on the page except this messages. I have all requirement about piwik (php 5.2.6, MySQL 5.0.77), so I don’t understand why it don’t work.

(vipsoft) #2

glob (and who knows what else) is disabled on your php setup.

Piwik won’t run properly on your system. Talk to your sysadmins or switch hosts.

(fate) #3

You’re right, glob is disabled. I talked with the administrator of my server. Thanks a lot for your help style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif