Error in traffic sources dectection after 1.9.1?

Hi there,

today I was wondering, why the traffic sources our visitors come from where changing/shifting. I figured that since PIWIK 1.9.1 was updated on our servers, organic and refferal traffic has declined, whereas direct traffic has risen.

[attachment 957 piwik_traffic_sources.png]

So I checheck back with google analytics that we are running simultaneously on our website. And here, the traffic sources haven’t changed in a comparable way.

[attachment 958 google_analytics_traffic_sources.png]

Is it possible, that something changed in detecting the traffic source with PIWIK 1.9.1?

Note that the last node in these graphics is the current week, which hasn’t finished yet.

Maybe you made a change to your websites tagging? we’d need more info to troubleshoot, but nothing should have changed concerning Piwik algorithms. Check your landing pages are all tagged with Piwik code maybe?

We were running a GA-Split-Test on the startpage Oct 10 through Nov 6. Could this be the reason why PIWIK “forgot” where the visitors came from?

possibly but I dont see why, is it working now that you’ve removed the test?

Yes, traffic sources were switching back to normal values in the last week. Seems like this website test had an in-fluence on the detection of the traffic sources.


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Why is the word “in-fluence” banned (can only write it w/ dash in between).