Error in PHP GeoIP provider

When i try to download GeoLiteCity.dat i have error:
Could not download the file! Something might be wrong with the website you’re downloading from. You could try again later or get the file by yourself.
When i download GeoLiteCity.dat by hand and put it to ‘/misc’ i have error:
Error in PHP GeoIP provider: file_get_contents(/usr/local/www/piwik/.git/refs/heads/master): failed to open stream: No such file or directory on line 33 of /usr/local/www/piwik/core/AssetManager/UIAssetCacheBuster.php

Please try latest beta: Index of /

Update to 2.0.4-b7. Result the same - not working.

Error the same for dowloading GeoLiteCity.dat from web interface.
If i download and put GeoLiteCity.dat manualy to /misc i have error:

A fatal error occurred
The following error just broke Piwik (v2.0.4-b7):
Call to undefined function Piwik\filter_var() in /usr/local/www/piwik/core/IP.php line 234

Please upgrade your PHP version , filter_var is available in all PHP5 ? are you using Piwik 2.0.3 ?

I use php5-5.4.24, nginx-1.4.4_3,1 on FreeBSD 9-x64

That’s strange because filter_var function should be available in your PHP: PHP: filter_var - Manual

need to install php5-filter :slight_smile: