Error in debug print after updating to 2.5.0

I just updated to 2.5.0 and this message started appearing in my HTTP server’s error logs:

PHP Notice:  Undefined index: visit_goal_buyer in [redacted]/core/Tracker/Visitor.php on line 197

That line is just a debug print:

Common::printDebug("The visitor is known (idvisitor = " . bin2hex($this->visitorInfo['idvisitor']) . ",
        config_id = " . bin2hex($configId) . ",
        idvisit = {$this->visitorInfo['idvisit']},
        last action = " . date("r", $this->visitorInfo['visit_last_action_time']) . ",
        first action = " . date("r", $this->visitorInfo['visit_first_action_time']) . ",
        visit_goal_buyer' = " . $this->visitorInfo['visit_goal_buyer'] . ")");

I temporarily commented it out and haven’t noticed any ill effects yet.

Is this a bug, or did something not upgrade properly?


Do you have any core plugins disabled?

Yes, the following plugins are inactive:
[li] DBStats
[/li][li] ExampleCommand
[/li][li] ExampleSettingsPlugin
[/li][li] ExampleUI
[/li][li] ExampleVisualization

Which PHP version and operation system are you using?

PHP 5.6.0 RC3 from Debian Testing (“Jessie”) on x86_64.

I’ve just commited a fix that should fix it although I couldn’t reproduce it: as we access visit_goal_buyer in this class we should make sure it is… · matomo-org/matomo@ee79e07 · GitHub

Maybe you can give it a try?