Error Google Analytics Importer (processAuthCod not found)

I’m trying to import from Google Analytics. After confirrming in the OAuth-process I get the errorr message:

An error occurred

Action ‘processAuthCod’ not found in the module ‘GoogleAnalyticsImporter’

Any ideas? Thanks

Hi @gnorz , can you check the file plugins/GoogleAnalyticsImporter/config/config.php, there should be a line like: $redirectUrl = Url::getCurrentUrlWithoutQueryString() . '?module=GoogleAnalyticsImporter&action=processAuthCode';

Notice there is an ‘e’ at the end of processAuthCod, something is cutting it off in your case. Can you also check there is no typo in the authorized redirect URI in the google developer console?

Thanks! I feel stupid. I thought I triple checked the redirectURL, but obviously I didn’t copy&paste the whole line, instead I missed the lase “e”. Thanks again for your help!

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