Error: Form security failed. Please reload the form and check that your cookies are enabled


I am trying to integrate Piwik with our portal running Apache & Application server. However, I get the error message (pasted in the subject line) after I type my username and password.

Piwik works directly using the piwik server URL. I searched the forums and tried all the solutions posted in relevant topics nothing worked to go beyond this screen. Not sure how we can allow the Piwik to accept incoming requests.

Is there a way to disable the piwik authentication or form security?


I got Piwik working on IE browser. Chrome still shows the Form security failed error. Is there any workaround to make it working in Chrome browser?


What did you change so it started working in IE? Maybe that helps finding the issue.

I did not change anything to fix in IE. It started working when I tested in IE.

figured out “origin” header being the culprit for piwik not working in chrome. How do we remove the “origin” header being loaded from Piwik? any ideas? I tried this How do I configure my Piwik server to allow cross domain requests? (CORS) - Analytics Platform - Matomo but it has no effect.