Error: Executing ./console plugin:uninstall "ExampleTracker

We are upgrading from piwik version 2.17.1 to 4.4.1
The executed line is as follows:
[222 / 312]
Executing ./console plugin:uninstall “ExampleTracker”…

Returns the following error:

Executing ./console plugin:uninstall “ExampleTracker”… PHP Fatal error: Access level to piwik\Plugins\ExampleTracker\Columns\ExampleActionDimension::configureSegments() must be public (as in class Piwik\Columns\Dimension) in /var /www/html/piwik/plugins/ExampleTracker/Columns/ExampleActionDimension.php on line 136

Could someone help us? ? ?

Thanks. . .


In theory the Example* plugins should be removed in Matomo 4 (and therefore their code is not compatible with Matomo 4 as it is still the old non-updated one).

So simply uninstall all of them before updating to Matomo 4.