Error/Exception Tracking and generating auto alert

Hi, I am a new user of Matomo and need some support regarding one of my use case.

I am tracking the events on my application’s UI. Next to this we ant to track any kind of exceptions/errors. To do so we will pushing any special kind of event or error type event.
But our requirement is as soon as any error/exception is tracked in Matomo reults/report we want to generate some kind of alert/event which will notify us that error/exception has been occurred and we will start looking into that asap.

So need more information/support to implement this scenario.
Looking forward to hear from you.
Thanks in advance.



Matomo has an (undocumented) feature that automatically tracks Javascript errors as event:

But honestly I’d recommend you to look into software that is inteded for this use case, can lookup sourcemaps, merge similar bug reports and more like e.g. (which is also open source and can be selfhosted).

The basic JavaScript error tracking and reporting in Matomo (browser console error messages) is now documented @