Error after Update to V4.4.0


Unfortunately, the analysis no longer works after the update from Matomo to V4.4.0.

For error messages see appendix.

I tried to update V4.4.0 manually and also an earlier version. Unfortunately it does not work.
Plugins are only from Matomo.

Any ideas?

Thanks and regards,

Screenshot 2021-07-29 191339


I set up the “Archive reports” from cron job to default. Then the analysis works. The fatal error is still there.
If I enter the URL (with active cron job), the message “Error: Call to undefined function Piwik\CliMulti\shell_exec()” appears.

Can someone help me?




Can you try out the changes from

It should also be included in the release candidate for 4.4.1

Hi Lukas
Thank you for your reply.

It looks to be working now!
But I have some troubles in the System Check. Look at attachment.

Thank you for your help!




This is a new check in Matomo that checks if these files are accessible to any person on the internet (which they should not be).
So if you see this waning, this means that something in your webserver config is not blocking access as it should.
If you are using Apache, then Matomo creates .htaccess files that should block access, but maybe you have set up Apache to not allow .htaccess files (the option is AllowOverride).
If you use another webserver, you need to add these rules yourself and can take inspiration from matomo-nginx.

…thank you!
I copied it from an old version and it seems to be working now.