ERROR 500 on module=Proxy&action=getCoreJs

Hi all,

I am trying to install the new version 3.9.1 on a new server. I installed the code and launched the application to initialize the data bases, super user, the first site to follow, etc. All were OK until this point.
But when I started ‘matomo’, to display the Login/password screen, I got the following error code (dev tools of chrome) :

GET… net::ERR_ABORTED 500 (Internal Server Error)

jquery.placeholder.j…23182bc98dbd45216:8 Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined
at jquery.placeholder.j…23182bc98dbd45216:8
at jquery.placeholder.j…3182bc98dbd45216:10

I forced the rights (chmod 777 to all, to be sure), but without results.

In /tmp/assets/, no files except index.php & index.htm (no asset_manager_core_js or no asset_manager_non_core_js as expected )

No trace in log files…

Any idea ? I tried all mine

Thx for your help

Hum, I found the origin of the problem !

Thanks to Bob who previously posted Error 500 on index.php?module=Proxy&action=getJs

I changed the parameter max_execution_time = 30 by 120 in my php.ini file. (-1 for unlimited)

You should add this recommandation in your FAQ, because, I think this parameter is also at the origin of an other issue i had last year : every friday afternoon (when the activity is more than usual), some users (not all) had issue of display because asset_manager_core files were missing… This case seems not to be rare


max_execution_time should not be -1 on productive systems. I would say a very long running script should be finish after mostly 300 seconds (5mins).