Error 404 when loading modules from feedburner


I’m running 0.2.34 and starting yesterday I started getting a “Page cannot be found error 404”. The page is for:…jsp?uris=Piwik

When I go into piwik the modules start loading and then the following message appears: “oops, problem during the request, please try again”. Then it displays the 404 page.

This was working fine before upgrading to 0.2.34.

I have piwik on two websites and they both exhibit the same error.

Any ideas? How can I manually remove the feedburner module?


I have a same problem!

I just installed 0.5.4 and I am getting the same problem too.
Apparently the plugin is referring to an URL on feedburner that no longer exists.
It looks kind of bad when the plugin is installed and enabled by default.

I would suggest either to fix this problem or not have the plugin included in the default install.

You should be able to remove the widget from the dashboard - we will be looking at fixing this issue by replacing with a third party feedburner plugin at: