Error 403 - only with a specific user

Hi all,

We have a Piwik 1.10 environment set up, monitoring various sites of our domain.

The system has only 4 acounts: the administrative account and three other accounts (let´s call them by the “fake names” “user1”, “user2” and “user3” with “view only” privileges).

One of the three “view only” accounts (let´s suppose it is “user3”) can´t log on into the system. If you enter its username and password, the server returns a 403 error on index.php. However, it seems that the login have been made successfuly, as the cookies for the session are stored on the users browser. As the index.php does not load for that specific user (and that user alone) he can´t log off (only if the cookies are manually deleted from his browser).

I considered filesystem permission issues (just in case, even though it didn´t seem to be the case as all the other users can log on normally), but they are ok, all of them correctly set up for the apache user.

Oh, I´ve also tried to delete the user account and re-create it again. It didn´t solve the issue.

any hints? I really don´t know where to look next.

thanks in advance,

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Problem “solved”.

I increased the php.ini memory limit size (from 128M to 512M), it changed the error to timeout , so I increased the script exec timeout from 30 to 180 secs, and now it works.

I also added the archiving procedure to the crontab, as it hasn´t been done by the guys who deployed Piwik here.

The question remains, though: why only this user has this problem, when other users with the same permissions don´t have the issue?

Maybe the “Default starting date” was a range of 30 days or so, causing more processing, for this user?