Erreur interface admin plugin security

Hello everyone,

I just noticed an error after activating the plugin SecurityInfo.
No worries when turning gold when I want to access the security tab it gives me the following error:

Fatal error: Class ‘PhpSecInfo_Test_Suhosin_index.html’ not found in […]/piwik/plugins/SecurityInfo/PhpSecInfo/PhpSecInfo.php on line 276

Thank you in advance for what will help me :wink:


That file doesn’t exist in our release package (nor in SVN), so I suggest you remove /homez.228/stellers/www/piwik/plugins/SecurityInfo/PhpSecInfo/Test/Suhosin/index.html.

In summary I can not use this “component”?

And by the way, by removing this file I would create a threat, so I won’t remove it!

The security threat that you’re trying to prevent (i.e., browsing a directory’s contents) is because your Apache configuration contains “Options Index”.

Creating index.html files in every directory is tedious, error-prone, and assumes Piwik doesn’t add any new (sub)directories in the future.