Erorr: Page URL?


My tracking pixel is part of my item description which gets sent to multiple channels. Sometimes they get browsed via built-in browsers from the ebayapp, amazon app.

I can dynamically insert information to help me know which items are being browsed and it is working well - i’m currently doing this via and using and appending my unique item numbers.

What i’d like to do, for reporting purposes, is make these item numbers the value for “Page views” instead when i look at visitor logs; instead, im hoping i will see what visitor and looking at what item. The content report is currently buried within other sections so this will make it easier to see what item is being looked at.

How do i go about doing this? Any help would be greatly appreciated



I am not 100% sure of what you are trying to achieve.
Is it like:
column 1 = page url
column 2 = pageviews where the number of pageviews equals to the item number?
If yes that’s not how Matomo works, I would say use custom dimensions instead where you insert the item number there. Pageviews calculation is for pageviews only.

Hope that helps,