Encoding of page title

I have run into an issue with the most recent stable version of Piwik (1.12). Always when accessing my page from my android phone the content submited to Piwik is wrong escaped. This happens as well with Chrome and Firefox Beta so it can’t be a Browser issue. Here comes the example:

for /myfolder/myfile
the piwik get request should look like action_name=%2Fmyfolder%2Fmyfile
but insted it looks action_name=%252Fmyfolder%252Fmyfile

So %2F is one more encoded to %252F So I have to different entries in the DB from the correct encoded requests /myfolder/myfile and from the wrong encoded requests %2Fmyfolder%2Fmyfile as Piwik just decodes the parameter once.

This happens to all my parameters in the Get Request as well as in the Post request from my android phone.

I did search the Forum and Bug Tracker but did not find any issues with that. Do you know if it is already known?

I forgot I also see this behaviour from visitors with Iphone and Ipad.

I never heard this bug before. Can you create a minimalist HTML page where this bug is reproduced?

Thx for your reply. Finally I had some time today to do some more research but it is very strange I can’t reproduce this bug. I created an exact copy of the page source and even tried to reproduce the same HTTP Headers but it did not produce this bug. It just exists in the original Typo3 site.

At the moment I have no idea how to reproduce this bug.