Enabling development mode breaks deployed install

Hi there!

Just installed 4.6.2 in a plain U20.04 VM, no issues until I tried to enable development mode throut CLI in order to use the VisitorGenerator Plugin.

Enabling the development mode returns error in dashboard visualization as per attached and makes left side menu unresponsive when entering the settings menu.

Any hint?

It seems you have JavaScript errors…
What does the console (F12) show?
Which browser do you use?
Is it a fresh install, or an update?
Maybe some files are missing…

Fresh install on a LEMP stack in a Ubuntu VM.

Apparently development mode triggers something as far as permissions are concerned, I get a heap of 403s…

Some files may not be accessible to the Apache user…

Issue “closed”. Appartently you do not need to enable dev mode to use the plugin. Instructions in the plugin itself should be amended, since the ones in the website are correctly not mentioning the dev mode :slight_smile:

@ggilardi , do you have any ad blocker or maybe browser plugin installed that could interfere with the Matomo UI?
Can you try to enable the Development mode again, and test with another fresh installed browser (free of any plugin)?

Thanks in advance.