Enable cookie and avoid logging piwik admin's actions to be tracked

I saw that an admin can enter their ip addresses into a text box so that Piwik can igore them, but IP change quite significantly during reconnecting to ISP and Piwik admin cannot add their new IP address each time they change.

So better solution for excluding Piwik admin’s visit stats is to set $_COOKIE variable when admin loggs in into piwik backend and that the cookie remains valid and active even after admin logs out and that way visits to admin’s own site from that computer won’t be displayed as visits from other non-users

If I’m admin of a website, I constantly visit different parts of it for monitoring and testing purposes and I don’t consider myself to be a visitor that should be tracked as other non-admins.


It is already possible to create a cookie, go to Settings > and there you can create a cookie by clicking on the link in the User settings page

Thank you.