Empty widgets (referrers / social nets etc.) since upgrading to 2.0


i have shifted through 3 or 4 versions of piwik in the last few days since i had stopped using piwik 6 months ago and now re-installed and reactivated it.
i uninstalled piwik files completely and kept the mysql database (which was upgraded when i installed piwik).
i have then upgraded to beta and then 2 release clients.
today i upgraded to the non-beta v2.0.

the initial install and the first beta both showed all the data correctly.

since the release clients and now with 2.0 i see most of the widgets are not showing much data (or no data).

[li] data in widgets only appears to be for traffic generated in the previous few days (possibly since the upgrade) - regardless of the date period selected
[/li][li] the widgets are totally empty if i choose a year view or a long custom period

i have not changed any other settings (that i am aware of) since upgrading… any tips?

can you check Setttings>General Settings is set to “Allow browser trigger YES”

Also check for errors in the server error log

“allow piwik archiving to trigger when reports are viewed from the browser” is set to YES.

there are no relevant errors (or warnings) in the nginx log for the piwik install (only a complaint of missing favicon.

Which timezone is your website set to?

set in php.ini to Europe/London…
and that is what shows in the piwik website list.

I have a related problem
I no longer see the social and referal widgest in the new widget dropdown menu

steve: i think your bug is a different one to mine, in that the context and function of the glitch is different. i am able to see these widgets in the drop-down list, they simply do not contain data in most circumstances - when they once did.

my bad then
I made a separate topic for it

i also just noticed that the data that is shown in the main traffic graph box is not matching up with the date range selector - here i have chosen ‘date period = week’ and date = today (19th december 2013)… the traffic for this month is missing… n.b. the gap in traffic in 2013 is expected since i disabled piwik during that period… i reactivated it in december 2013:

(you may need to view the image on it’s own since i think the piwik forum is not handling image widths appropriately yet)

Same issue here. Upgrade completed successfully, no errors in logs. If I log into the Piwik interface, everything looks good. Calling widgets to display in other sites shows no data. From the Piwik widgets page, the widget preview displays all of the data properly, however both the Embed Iframe and Direct Link display nothing and state “There is no data for this report.”

i just tested this issue here again and though i do not know why, i am now able to see all the data in the widgets again… i have not changed anything deliberately that would effect the output.
hmm… obviously the issue is triggered in some and not all cases… since now i am not seeing the data in the widgets and am using the day view.

Same thing just happened here. Yesterday no data would show up in the widgets, but today everything works. No changes made to config. All I did was wait 24 hours after deleting the files in /piwik/tmp

IF you are using Piwik 2.0.2 and still have the issue again in the fuutre please report it here, as there may be a bug? please put as much as info as you can

IF you are using Piwik 2.0.2 and still have the issue again in the fuutre please report it here, as there may be a bug? please put as much as info as you can[/quote]

Website referrers keeps loading…

Screencast video: http://r.imgurl.nl/?file=piwik202.mp4

Do you have the same problem of data not loading if you select another date in the calendar, eg. one week ago ?

if so, please PM the piwik URL + login pwd + link to this forum post… i’ll take a look

Yes… same problem with one or two weeks back.

  1. Display referrers.
  2. “Rows to display” keeps loading after selecting 10 or more.