Empty piwik is slow - 20 second for each page

Dear all,

first thing thank you for all you do for Piwik and for this community … I’ve read a lot of topic, articles, etc and all are very usefull … So I hope someone will be able to help me on a problem …

I’ve already have 2 instances of Piwik running on CentOS without any problems … Now my boss want me to install a new instances but on RedHat 7 … In fact no problem for the installation … but now when I try to use the new piwik (without any data for the moment), all pages are very slow except the help page… I’ve tried a test page which react directly, and a second one which test my MariaDB server which reacts good too …

I used fiddler to analyse what happen, and I just saw that, my server got the request directly, but it wait about 20 seconds to respond to the request … I’m pretty sure it’s a timeout problem, but I didn’t find where … I’m running Piwik 2.13.1

Did someone get the same problem ? Did someone get an idea to correct this problem ?

Thank you for your help :wink:


Hi all,

so I finally add enable_marketplace=0 in my config.ini.php file and it works fine now …

But I can’t explain the difference between CentOS and RedHAT …


Do you have your database tuned on the faster server, and not on the slower server?
Unconfigured, MySQL will be using 8MB memory, much too little.

I use mysqltuner => http://mysqltuner.com/
which analyses your database server, and gives general tips.
MySQL tunable variables have dependencies between them - Google on the variable to see what they mean/how they work.

I also used Peter Zaitsev’s youtube videos on how to make indexes.
This made the browser-visitor screen go from ‘Oops (crash)’ to results for ~ 1million browser count total in ~5 seconds.
Also watch that php.ini allow for enough running time for scripts.

Good luck,


Hi Mistige,

thank you for your answer.

For the moment I didn’t tuned the MySQL server on both instances … but I will try in next weeks … It seems there is a difference between CentOS and REDHAT with the proxy usage …