Embedding stats in a separate website

Still learning all the features and just discovered this one after being asked by a client if they could see the stats. However, noticed a couple of things, which made this, for me anyway, less user-friendly.

  1. While trying to select the widget to insert (in Chrome). I could usually select one before this issue started. Copy the embed code. Then try to select another and the page jumps around making t impossible (in most cases) to select the second. The only option was to refresh the page, select another. Refresh the page, select another.

  2. The embed is via a frame which isn’t nice but probably sufficient for traffic stats. However, the default embed code has height=350" scrolling=“no”. Few reports fit into this window and are, therefore, cut off. So I needed to change no to yes each time. I saw that the full dashboard embed used height=“100%” but this does not work either. Height, at least in Joomla, needs a px amount.

Is there any plan to do a script embed as opposed to a frame?

In addition, now going to the embed page on the website demands a login to Matomo - this is very strange. Surely this is not the correct behavior? How can I let my clients see their stats?

Hi there, Please check the guide: Embedding Piwik Reports in Other Websites or Apps - Analytics Platform - Matomo
you will need to create one login per customer and use their token_auth when embedding the dashboard

Regarding the issue with the iframe height, we plan to improve it in the future see: when embedding reports, iframe to resize automatically to fit · Issue #10460 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub