Emailing with Matomo

Hi there!
Is it possible to use matomo segments for emailing? I mean can I email special segments, that I have set in Matomo?
And how can I do that?
I have looked through topics and documentation, but I didn`t find any answer.

Thanks dears.

Hi @Julia_A
What do you mean with


Philippe @heurteph-ei any segment, that I create in Matomo. For ex.


Is there someone who is in topic with mailing by segments?
If I have segments in Matomo, how can I email to them?

Hi @Julia_A Just to confirm are you wanting to create an email report with a segment applied? If so more details can be found here: Working with segments (apply, update, delete, email reports)

Thanks for your reply.

Not email report, but emails to my segments?
How can I send emails to my segments?
Is it possible in matomo?

Thanks for confirming, unfortunately this is not a feature Matomo offers.

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Thank you dear @V.K
Have a nive day!