Email with reset password not arriving

I am having a problem I resetting my password. After not being able to login, I requested a password reset. After several times of attempting to set a new password, I do not receive the confirmation email.

The message I receive from the site says that “Information to reset your password has been sent. Check your e-mail” but no email arrives. Maybe you have a suggestion for this problem?


Double check your spam folder. If you also do not have something on the server to actually send the mail it wont just automagically send it.

You can just log into your SQL install and then update the password that way. Very easy to do if you have actual access to the DB.

Thanks for your reply. I did check my spam folder, but nothing was there. You mention that if there is nothing on the server to send the email, it won’t just automatically send. I am wondering if that is the case.

You mention going into the SQL install and updating the password manully. I am suspecting that will be the way to go, but I will need a little bit of guidance as I was not the one who built the site. If you could help me with the steps to do this, I could probably figure it out. I can see the piwik directory on my host and there are 9 files. Can I go into one of those files manually and change the password? Or do you mean something else.