Email tracking with piwik

is it possible to track visitors like that:

send them a link like:

and to get a report of pages the users visited?

Hi stoefln,

not sure if you found your answer, it’s been quite a number of years.

I have been trying Piwik out and in course of exploring email tracking came across your question while done some success myself.

Yes you can do email tracking and it’s very easy. Just need to go into Piwik, create a Goal. Then use the javascript-less method (with 3 other optional parameters) to insert into email (e.g. Gmail as invisible image).

I wrote a simple post of this on my blog, feel free get in touch with me if you need help on this.

James Tan

Yes it is possible, see the URL builder, to use for campaign tracking: URL Builder - Marketing Campaign Tracking - Analytics Platform - Matomo