Email Tracking Broken


Having trouble tracking email opens.

I followed this article: How to measure the performance of a newsletter (or any email) with Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo
As well as this: How do I track how many users open and read my newsletter emails (using a pixel / beacon)? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I have constructed my img tag like this:

<img src="MY-MATOMO-URL?idsite=1&amp;rec=1&amp;url=MY-URL/email-opened%2Fportfolio-launch" style="border:0" alt="">

MY-URL is the correct tracking site.

My image tag is recording one pageview in the “Pages” section of matomo. Problem is, one send = one pageview. If I send the email 3 times to 2 people each time, and every single send gets opened (6 in this case), it shows just 3 pageviews. If 0 people open the email, it still shows 3 pageviews. I I change up the MY-URL and send out just once to 5 people, and none of them open it, it shows 1 pageview. If all of them open it, it still shows 1 pageview. So it seems my “Pages” section is just showing the number of times the email is sent, which is worthless - I need opens to show up!

Not sure what I am doing wrong here.

Thank you!