Email schedule and report period settings for email reports does not behave as expected


our report date to load by default in Matomo is set to the current month. That means when we are opening Matomo then we will see the report data of the current month in our dashboard and so on.

But when i’m creating a email report and set the email schedule and report period settings there to weekly and week then the data represented there will still be monthly.

Combinations in settings like email schedule “Weekly” and report period “Month” for an email report are also not working as expected. Emails should be triggered weekly with the month report data but will only be triggered / sent monthly.

When i change the settings for “Report date to load by default” under Personal / Settings it seems that the setting determines what is finally displayed in the report, regardless of what you have specified in the email report.

Do i have a understanding problem and is that working as intended or is there a bug? I’m using the latest Matomo Version (4.10.1 / On-Premise)

Thanks in advance!