Email reports sometimes uses IP address instead of domain name for return address/link

Back a year or so ago when I installed Piwik v2.x, I setup weekly report to be sent via email. Worked fine until I executed one of the subsequent 2.x updates (sorry, can not recall version), at which time reports stopped altogether.

Then, after upgrading to 2.16.2, the reports started working again. The first report had no issues.

The second report exhibited a problem that I also saw back months ago when they were working the first time.

The first report came from The email contained the logo I had setup in piwik and the line:

Sent from

The second report that came a week later came from noreply@ where is the IP address for the domain. The logo was broken and the greeting msg read:

Sent from

I changed nothing in the week between reports, and as I noted, I believe it was doing this when it last worked. Not sure why it worked right the first time.

PHP 5.4.25 running on Apache/CentOS

any thoughts? Is this a config issue on my end or a bug?

Well, this week the report arrived and everything was good…the domain name was used and not the IP address.

Will continue to monitor…maybe it was just a 1-time thing.