Email reports - Piwik 2.4.0

Email reports are scheduled for ‘daily’ but are only being sent when ‘Send report now’ is manually selected from the UI.

Now that the archive is running correctly with the cronjob (and taking less than 24 hours) the emails are being sent automatically.


Hi Lynn

Could you please share with us how you solved this issue

Kind regards


It was not running the ‘scheduled’ tasks as the archive via cronjob was taking 24 hours to run.

We finally have our archiving running for just on 5 hours now, so it seems the daily email report schedule kicked in as this cronjob finished on a ‘new day’. It seems if the archiving/scheduled tasks are completed later in the day Piwik doesn’t realise that the daily report has not be emailed out.

Is there some kind of timestamp/limit on the time after midnight to run the email? I’m not sure. But our cronjob now completing at least once within the same day seems to have solved it. If it overlapped to another day the email reports were not triggered to be sent.

Hi Lynn

Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Am I correct that you only experienced this problem after upgrading to version 2.4?

If this is the case do you use Piwik’s automated update facility or do you manually upgrade?

I am experiencing the same issues as you are, except I have a small Piwik install and a large underutilised server - so I would not think it is a server resources causing my issue.

It would be good to hear from anyone else having the same issue and found a solution

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We are running 2.4.0 - upgraded ‘automatically’.

We’ve had many issues with the new ‘core:archive’ since then.

Hi Lynn

Mmm OK - I wonder if there is a method of downgrading back to 2.3 using existing database - as with you my database backup before upgrading will be a few days out of date



There are no issues that we know of in the cron:archive task in 2.4.0 - could you elaborate?

Matt, our devops guys have tried too look at it, but the transactions seem to take forever.

Before we upgraded (so using the old archive way), the cronjob could completel within the hour & run at the next hour, now it’s been set to 6 hours as it takes 4-5 hours & SOMETIMES it completes within 40 min, but that’s rare.

We’re using Apache, PHP 5.3.10 & Mysql 5.5.37

Hi Matt

Hope you are well.

My issue is that email reports have stopped being sent since the upgrade.

I use the basic php send mail setting - reports are being sent manually if I click send now - so I presume that there are no problems with either the Cpanel or CSF recent updates.

I have not changed any settings on my server.

Would I be correct in the above assumption ?

Kind regards