Email Reports Failing

I have setup Piwik on about 40 websites having sucessfully tested it first :slight_smile:

Each website has a User and they are allocated to their respective sites. I have setup an email report in each users account for their own website but they’re not getting the reports.

My original test email reports which I setup in the admin account are working fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions - what have I done wrong?

If you click on “send now” for these reports do they receive it oK?

Hello Matt
Yes, if I trigger the report manually by clicking “send now” these are received. The problem seems to be the automatic sending every Monday but only in User accounts. The reporting that I set up in the admin account works perfectly.

Make sure you setup: How to Set up Auto-Archiving of Your Reports - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hello Matt

Now I’m really confused.

As far as I can see I do not have an archiving issue; each site is getting no more than 2000 hits a week so please explain why setting up a Cron job is going to help or are you saying, “Try this so we can see if it fixes the problem”?

Surely, because the email reports are generated and emailed to my site under the Admin tab then there should be no problem in Users receiving their reports?

Kind regards


Because the cron job will trigger archiving but will also then execute scheduled tasks (including generating and sending email reports)

I set up the Cron (Thursday) and set one (friendly) customer to receive a daily report and this worked, they got a report on all four of their sites the next day (Friday).

I edited their email reporting to put the reporting back to weekly, which should have generated a report today (Monday) but this has failed.

Now have User Reports set to run Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Daily OK

Weekly Failed


Reports to Super User don’t seem to rely on Cron but even after setting up the Job I can’t get emailed reports to run. Tried changing from PDF reports to HTML but that made no difference.

Anyone have any ideas please?

Is anyone else having a problem emailing reports to Users?