Email report edit form issues after upgrade to 4.0.5

In Matomo’s email reports instructions, there are radio buttons next to fields. These radio buttons are not visible in our instance after upgrading to Matomo 4.0.5. There’s an HTML read error notice that briefly appears when running a report, but it has no further detail. I tried removing the .htaccess and resetting permissions on the plugins directory, but that didn’t seem to fix that problem, so I reverted.

On the report edit page, Choosing a Report Period seems to make no difference. Under Display Options no radio buttons appear near the “Evolution graphs…” choices. Email reports only produce data for a period of day, unless Visits by Day of Week is selected below. In which case one week is produced in the data, but not more. There may be other elements broken in less obvious ways. Maybe this is causing some variables to be set incorrectly by the email report edit form, which produces incorrect date range.

Using Inspector in Firefox, I’m able to find the radio button element . It shows up as a small blank element on the page.

What could be causing this?


This one is unrelated to the rest and intentional (but confusing). If you manually send or download a report, it uses the date range selected in the date selector and not the daily/weekly/etc. stored in the report.

For the remaining issues I have created an issue here:

This resolves our issue. Thank you.

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