Email Problems - please help

Hi All,

I am having trouble with a report being sent. When i click send now it comes up with problems.

  1. When i tried it with gmail setting it came up with " Connection Timed Out"
    I dont want to use gmail anyway, but was simply testing

  2. I have Piwik installed on say

I am trying to instruct Piwik to send an email from my email account

These are hosted on same account, but no matter what settings I put in it just keeps saying emails cant be sent.

Any ideas anyone??

Ideally I would like email to come from

Or do i have to actually install Piwik under that domains directory on my hosting??

i have piwik installed on "rood/admin/piwik"
What is your hosting provider?
Have they a mail server?
can you send mails wen the mail settings are “off” ( no settings from you )?

When I turned off send via SMTP and then tried sending the report I got the following.

An error occured while sending ‘PDF Email Report - 1.2013-07-14.2.en.pdf’ to Error was ‘Temporary local problem - please try later’

I am with " Justhost"

?? I presume they have mail server. The address I want it sent from is an actual email address I have setup in cpanel.

check if ther is a error log in your root of piwik

i couldnt see 1, in which folder might the file hide

the folder whete the piwik index.php is

No nothing there, as yu will see here from screenshot