Elapsed time between clik on tracked event and dashboard piwik

Support (no bug):
Tack events works correctly but there is a elapsed
time (not almost immediate) between clik (on the event tracked) and update stats on dashboard piwik (action–>events).
doest that work with a cron?

Did you find the reason for the delay ?
I’m experiencing the same issue where a triggered Event only appears in the matomo dashboard the next day.
What is the delay for updating Event information ?
Is it possible to make it update in real time like visits ?

That depends on your archiving setting - browser-triggered or via cron job. When the archiving cron is set to only run once a day, you’ll have to wait for your statistics one day (in the worst case).

In the visitor-log you can see the data immediately.

Try contacting your Matomo admin to run the cron job at a higher frequency.

Context: I’m trying to view my “Events” in realtime. The same way as the Live widget displays “Visitrs”.

From the docs I understand that when

  1. an Event is triggered, it becomes logdata.
  2. to be displayed (in the admin UI) logdata needs to be turned into archive data.
  3. depending on the configuration, the required archive process is triggered either by
    a. by a cron job
    b. when we visit the admin UI

My issue is that:

  1. I am configured for “browser triggered” reports. But the “Behaviour - Actions” widgets and the “Behaviour/Events” page are only updated once a day.

  1. There are no cron jobs setup. After verification /etc/cron.d/ only has one unrelated task.
    And when I run a cron job like
    core:archive --url=“http://<example.com>/piwik” --force-idsites=3 --force-periods=day
    The UI is still not updated.

Is it possible to view Events in realtime? How can I do this? What concept am I missing?

PS: I know that the Events are triggered properly since they appear as an “Actions” under the “Visitors in real time” widget.

That can’t be the case when you set “Archive reports at most every X seconds” to 10 seconds. Then, today’s reports are processed every 10 seconds, every other range is processed once every 3600 seconds (once every hour).

If you want realtime events, use the live-API and look for “type: event” in the actionDetails.