Editing data in database

I’m using custom variables to store visit data into database. Turns out my variables have been too detailed (in GDRP sense), and now I would need to modify the data stored in database. I was able to locate the data in “custom_var_v*”, and it seemed to be straightforward to to a UPDATE there. But in the GUI the change does not happen.

I assume that the GUI draws the data from the archives? Is is possible to redo the archives, or edit data there? The data structure of the archives seems to be more complicated to modify by hand.




As long as you still have the raw visitor log data, you can invalidate reports and Matomo will generate it newly from the raw data.

See here for more information:

But as with everything that deletes data: Please make a backup before you change anything.

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I did the backup. And I think I did as supposed - edited the raw data from _log_visit (and the changes show as expected from SQL prompt), and then did the ./console core:archive -command. The latter echoes that it has invalidated a large number of visits. Turned down the time interval to archive real small to force the re-archiving. And yet the old values show in the GUI. So I’m still missing something?


Did you invalidate the reports either with core:invalidate-report-data or with the plugin?

I first tried to invalidate through API, and for some reason that did not seem to work. But from console it did, so now I have the updated results in the GUI. All well. Thanks!

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