Ecommerces Categories, how to set them up?



I would like to configure the category part in “Tracking Product Page Views & Category Page Views (optional)” and in “Tracking Ecommerce Orders & Items Purchased (required)”.

It works fine. But: I’m not quite sure about using always only one category or adding all parent -> child categories to every product/category pageview.

on Tracking Product Page Views & Category Page Views (optional)
Am “inside” of Category A, shall I use here: [“Category A”, "Childcategory1 of A] or better only ["Childcategory1 of A]?
Same if I am on Product of Childcategory1 of A, which solution should I use?

And the same problem for me on Tracking Ecommerce Orders & Items Purchased (required).

I do not know wether I have to use the parent -> child solution or the only the “one category” solution.

Sorry for my bad english, hope it is clear. Some recommendations anyone?

Thank you in advance.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

It’s really up to you, either track only the child category, only the parent, or both. It gives you different numbers… good luck!