Ecommerce tracking doesn't appear in Piwik back-end with magento extension installed



I have installed the magento extension to display all tracking information in the magento back-end. This is working fine. But in the Piwik back-end for this shop the ecommerce tracking data doesn’t appear (“No data for this graph”). All other data is displayed and is synchonized with the shop piwik iframe.

So do you have an idea, why I can’t see the ecommerce tracking in the piwik back-end and mobile app as well. The ecommerce tracking is working, but just “inside” the shop.

Thanks’ a lot in advance.

Best regards,


(Adrian) #2

Hi Mark,

The data from the iframe within Magento is the same data in your Piwik, just via the API. Make sure you are looking at the same dates and site. There is nothing special going on, so if you see data in your iframe, you should see it in your Piwik install.