Ecommerce Orders not showing


I’m just testing out the integration with a Prestashop setup, and so far everything’s fine except for the ecommerce orders.
In the Dashboard in the ‘Real Live Visitors’ box it does show all the orders, carts, etc. - however they don’t show up in the ecommerce tab (as seen here)

Yeah, any ideas/pointers?

I just checked and noticed the prestashop module we link from the page: Integrations - Analytics Platform - Matomo is now not working at all (404 error) – I contacted the developer to ask why the plugin is not working.

I found the plugin for prestashop from sutunam on github already: GitHub - sutunam/Advanced-Piwik-Prestashop: A Piwik advanced module for Prestashop

I also fixed it to work with piwik over https - and as I said, the dashboard does show the orders and carts as coming in, the ecommerce tab however does not.

have you found a bug in prestashop plugin from sutunam? please contact them directly so they can help!