Ecommerce: More Parameter for item

Is it possible to add more parameters to an ecommerce item? Currently there are

  • sku (string) - (required) SKU, product identifier
  • name (string) - (optional) product name
  • category (string|array) - (optional)
  • price (float|int) - (optional) individual product price
  • quantity (int) - (optional) Product quantity. If not specified, will default to 1 in reports.

but I would like to pass more parameters like in GA4. Is this possible?

Items: [


      item_id: "SKU_12345",

      item_name: "Stan and Friends Tee

      affiliation: "Google Merchandise Store",

      coupon: "SUMMER_FUN",

      discount: 2.22,

      index: 0,

      item_brand: "Google",

      item_category: "Clothing",

      item_category2: "Adult

      item_category3: "Shirts

      item_category4: "Crew

      item_category5: "Short Sleeves

      item_list_id: "related_products

      item_list_name: "Related Products

      item_variant: "green

      location_id: "ChIJIQBpAG2ahYAR_6128GcTUEo",
      price: 9.99,
      Quantity: 1